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Some people want a lawyer from a large firm with scores of practice areas, a big conference room, and busy people everywhere you turn. At Daniel Hoarfrost, Attorney at Law, I’m the opposite of that. I decided long ago I wanted a practice where people matter, and where a single lawyer, focusing on two important topics, could make a difference in people’s lives. Let me tell you about my bankruptcy and personal injury practices, and you can decide if I am the kind of lawyer you’re looking for. Contact me at (503) 296-6777 or fill out the free online contact form.

First, I Am An Experienced Portland Bankruptcy Attorney

(And not just Portland. I have an office in Portland near Beaverton and Tigard and serve people all across the Portland metropolitan area.) People considering bankruptcy are in big trouble. Usually, something went seriously wrong in their lives — a layoff, a medical problem, or a divorce. They relied too much on credit cards, and now they are caught in the squeeze, with serious worries about their homes, their cars, their families. The law prescribes bankruptcy as a safety valve for our economic system, so people who have experienced financial defeat do not stay defeated forever. I have helped hundreds of individuals, professionals and small-business owners make the crossing to a new economic life. All you need to do is contact me — I will walk you through the steps. Need an attorney who listens to you? Contact Daniel Hoarfrost through the free online contact form, or call me at (503) 296-6777.

Second, I Am One Portland Personal Injury Lawyer Who Listens

In addition to bankruptcy law, I maintain a civil trial practice with an emphasis on personal injury cases.
You’ve seen the loud lawyers on TV yelling at you about your car accident. TV lawyers are after client volume, and they apply a one-size-fits-all approach to claims. I do it differently. If you have been in a serious accident, I know that your life has changed for the worse. My job is to reverse this downturn. So I listen to your story and build a case around it, gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, reconstructing the accident in a way that is unmistakable to the other With the big-firm, always-yelling attorney, insurance companies know the exact lowest award number. With an attorney treating each case as unique, they can’t be sure. So hiring me pays off for you.

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We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code


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